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About us
More than 19 years we have been specialising in forest care field. 
We plant more than 30 million forest saplings a year and brush cut about 12 thousand hectares of forest. We aim to be the first in Europe, so we offer our customers high-quality and fast services based on many years of experience. All our activities comply with PEFC standards, we are ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certified.
Forestry projects and permits
Forest care:
Short term forest care
Long term forest care
Forestry services:
Forest planting
Brush cutting
Protection of plantations
We will gladly use our experience and knowledge to help you breed/restore and maintain a forest that will delight you with its beauty and wood quality in the future.
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Forestry projects and permits
Work in the field of forestry begins with the preparation of the necessary documents and projects. Sometimes you have to delve into confusing bureaucratic procedures, so it is important that the forester has the necessary knowledge and the work process does not take long.

Our professionals can help you prepare:
  • Internal forest management projects based on the legal acts.
  • Afforestation projects
  • Forest management plans
  • Forest cutting permit documents
  • Forest assessment reports
  • Conclusions on youth education (required for EU support for youth education)
  • Acts of measurement of wood warehouse
  • Acts of assessment of the quality of performed forest works